Pay only one-way on your interstate moving trucks

February 16, 2017

There is a lot to consider in planning your move across the border, but there is a one factor you might not have paid much mind to. What do you do with the moving truck you’ve hired if you’re only going one way on what could be a 1000km trip?

Australia is one of the world’s most urbanised countries. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all Australians live within an hour’s drive of the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Canberra.

And Sydney, the biggest city on the continent, sits in the middle of all of them. As the most populous place in Australia, there is always a lot of people moving here to start new lives in the Big Smoke. Then again, there is always a lot of people leaving to follow up new lives in the other state and territory capitals. Perhaps you’re thinking about it too.

One-way interstate rental truck hire

When you are moving, there are a million little things on your mind and a whole lot of big things that need to get from A to B. Worse, the bigger the move – the more stuff you have and the larger the individual pieces of furniture – the more the logistics can get out of hand. And that’s just when you are going to the next suburb.

You can take a lot in your car or your mate’s ute, but if you have big stuff to move then a moving truck rental is often the only way. Other than Sydney-Canberra which are relatively close geographically, all Australia’s other capitals are a full day’s drive apart – or more.

In among all the headaches and excitement of a big shift the question of the rental truck: if you choose to self-drive, what do you do with it for the ‘empty leg’ – the trip to get it out to meet you or to get it back to base once you’re done. Because, you surely don’t want to have to pay twice to move once.

Sydney’s Southern Cross Truck Rentals has your answer by offering a special one-way interstate hire option for those who are moving to a new home.

Bringing flexibility to interstate moves

Southern Cross Truck Rentals offers its special one-way interstate removal service on routes that either start or finish in Sydney and run out to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Adelaide.

How it is works is you handle the ‘loaded leg’ of the move and we send out a driver to meet you to handle the ‘empty leg’. Once your journey is complete, either drop your truck off at our Smeaton Grange location on Narellan Road or, if your one-way trip was outbound from Sydney, just hand the truck over to our driver who’ll be ready to meet you at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Adelaide airport destinations to bring it back to our Sydney based yard. When you hand the keys back, you’ve suddenly got one less big thing to worry about.

You don’t even need any special licences to drive a rental moving truck. Not many people know that your standard open driver’s licence allows you to legally operate and rent a moving truck large enough to fit an entire houseload of furniture. Just as long as the vehicle is less than 4.5 tonnes in overall weight, you are free to drive anywhere in Australia.

Move and drive at your own pace

The best choice to rent a truck for a one-way move are our 3-tonne pantechs. Capable of hauling up to 1.2 tonnes of cargo, their true value comes in being able to transport bulky items and your prized possessions that have to be kept secure and out of the weather – such as your expensive electrical appliances, leather sofas, valuable antiques, fragile paintings or wooden bookcases.

Each Pantech rental truck has an enclosed and lockable cargo box of a full 18 cubic metre volume. What do the internal dimensions of 4.2m long by 2.2m wide by 2.2m high actually mean? Well, enough space to hold all the furniture to fill a three- bedroom house for one. Plus, when you arrive at your new home, you can easily unload it all via a tail lift with a 500kg capacity.

Making the interstate move easier and cheaper

Sure, you could hire a truck and driver to drive both outbound and inbound legs, but often the cost often just doesn’t stack up against our set priced one-way self-drive options. Plus, if you did hire a driver it doesn’t give you the convenience of loading, travelling and unloading on your own schedule.

There are a lot of complications in moving – you don’t want to be paying a driver to wait around while you deal with the inevitable delays in packing up your life. So, if you are moving between Sydney and the eastern capitals, call Southern Cross Truck Rentals today. One-way truck hire means you have one more problem solved and one less thing to worry about.

Australian Map of interstate truck hire service

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