Meet Rebecca Rain, Operations Coordinator at Southern Cross Truck Rentals

May 17, 2018

When you contact Southern Cross Truck Rentals to find a van, ute, bus or – yes – even a truck, Rebecca Rain is the lynchpin. As Operations Coordinator she makes sure your phone call or email turns into keys in your hand and the open road ahead. But who is this behind-the-scenes figure and what does she do? Read on to find out.

Q: So, what does a usual day look like for you as Southern Cross Truck Rentals Operations Coordinator?

I get up at 6am and start the day with a freshly brewed latte. I don’t get much done without it. Then when I get to work, we have a team-bonding session and that positive attitude sets the mood for the rest of my busy day.

Q: What was one of the trickiest challenges you’ve had to deal with on the job?

I didn’t come from a trucking family, so back when I started this job there was all the truck lingo to learn. I’m across that all now, so my new challenges are meeting the demands of an ever-evolving environment in the truck rentals industry.

Q: Is there something you are proud of achieving at Southern Cross Truck Rentals?

The regulatory environment we work in is very complicated. People outside the industry wouldn’t believe the amount of rules and regulations our whole industry operates under.

Something we’re part of is the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme. It’s a formal recognition for trucking companies that have the highest management and safety systems.

So, working to get up-to-date and maintain our accreditation within the business and within the Southern Cross Truck Rentals team is something I am really proud of.

Q: What’s your next big goal?

At the moment, I am juggling work and raising a young family at the same time. I have two daughters, not to mention my love of pets: two dogs, one cat and a turtle. It all keeps me fairly busy.

Q: The most important thing you’ve learned in your career?

You always learn so many things in your work, and some of those things are only important for what you are doing at the time and others become lessons that carry you through for the long term.

For me, it’s all about that second type. And the two most important long-term lessons I have learned are how to deal with different types of people from all walks of life and the realisation that you’re never at a point where you can’t improve.

Q: Any surprising stuff behind the scenes at Southern Cross Truck Rentals that people might not know?

Southern Cross Truck Rentals might just seem like a company that rents out commercial vehicles, but we’re a real part of our local community too. We have sponsored two sporting clubs: the Macarthur Bulls Police rugby team and our local Camden Tigers soccer team.

We’re also involved with CitizenBlue, a foundation set up around preventing rubbish and waste washing into the ocean. This is as part of the NSW Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme and goes towards a push for us to be Australia’s cleanest city by 2030. Our General Manager, Joe, has also been involved in rewarding work with Camp Quality.

Q: Outside of Southern Cross, what do you spend time doing?

Over the weekend, I recharge and get ready for another working week. I spend time with my family and friends and attend church on Sundays. So, when the week ticks over, I am all set for the first coffee on Monday morning!

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