Four Ways To Make The Most Of Your Moving Truck Hire

If you are planning to relocate your home or business, you should be looking into the advantages of moving truck hire.

You will be able to move on your own schedule and not depend on a removalist company. You won’t have to pay a removals team to pack, sit in the truck and then unpack your belongings. Why not ask family and friends to help, and have a moving party in your new home with takeaway food and a glass of bubbly? If you are a business, schedule your move for a weekend, when the workload may be quieter and encourage staff to help you move.

In this article, we identify four choices to help you with a stress-free moving experience when you hire a moving truck from Southern Cross Truck Rentals.


Consider Pantech Truck Hire for Your Move

Pantech trucks are the moving truck of choice for countless households and businesses in Australia and globally. There are good reasons for this:

  • Security
    Cargo is enclosed in a pantech truck. With lockable doors, your belongings are secure in the truck.
  • Protection
    The enclosed body of a pantech truck offers protection from the elements, meaning your items will remain dry as well as secure.
  • Custom storage
    Pantech trucks can be customised to have shelves, tie-down spots and racking to help maximise the space used and store items securely during transport.
  • Cost
    If you are comfortable packing and transporting your items, renting a pantech truck is more cost effective than hiring a removal truck with professional removalists.


One-Way Truck Hire Can Save Time And Money

If you can find a rental company offering a pick up and drop-off service, then a one-way rental makes great sense since you will only be moving one way!

The service means you pick up your moving truck before or drop it off after your move, there is no need to do the ‘empty trip’. The drop-off points are often central depots or airports for your convenience, too.


Use Interstate Truck Hire for Long Moves

Truck lining
If you are moving interstate, then using a one-way rental will be convenient for you, saving you time and money.

Also, did you know you may be able to drive your own moving truck with your standard car licence? This offers you the opportunity to pack, travel and unpack to your own schedule.

Ask your truck rental team to help you select the best size removal truck for your move to ensure all your possessions fit into a single truck. They will also advise whether you could self-drive.


Use Interstate Truck Hire for Long Moves

You may want to move items other than a house, or office-load of furniture and equipment. If this is the case, ask your truck rental company about other moving truck options.

You should consider a ute or van hire for a smaller move. A ute is the perfect size for moving the contents of a small shed, for instance, while a van may transport the contents of a small apartment and offers security and protection from the weather.

Both vehicles are ideal for loading and unloading in tight, or confined, spaces, too!

Southern Cross Truck Rentals For Stress-Free Moving Truck Hire


CTR should be your go-to choice for moving truck hire. We offer one-way and interstate truck hire and have utes, vans and refrigerated trucks available, as discussed above. Plus, our pantech fleet consists of regularly serviced well-maintained, modern vehicles and our smaller, 3-tonne pantech can be driven using a car licence.

We offer moving equipment, such as ropes, blankets and trolleys to make your relocation easier. Our website has a free-to-use moving truck calculator. Our friendly team will be able to answer your questions and help you plan your next stress-free move.

Check out our moving trucks today

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