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Need a dump truck? Builders, landscapers and owner-renovators all know every big job will need you to shift, lift and tip bulk loads of fill, stone, sand, roadbase, or, just, general demolition waste. Rely on Southern Cross Truck Rentals. Drive our tippers on a car licence and enjoy a fully specced and equipped tipper truck that helps you get the job done.

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2 Tonne Tipper Truck

Rent this air conditioned Tipper Truck for earth moving and DIY projects. Ask us about hiring a driver for your project.

Due to various models, dimensions may vary slightly, please call us on 02 4633 6100 for specific details

Tipper Truck Rental

A dump truck – also called a tipper truck – is one of the most useful vehicles on any job site. Why? Because every construction job involves turning bulk or loose materials into something that matches the plans, and every demolition job involves turning something that has been constructed in the past back into loose material.

Whichever way you go, you have to move that material where it is needed. With their open load bed and powerful piston lifts, tipper trucks are the convenient way to get it done.

While there are so many types of tippers available (including the very biggest trucks in the world), Southern Cross Truck Rentals keeps things simple. Our fleet of compact 1.5-tonne-payload Fuso Canter tippers offers the optimal compromise between manoevrability for site access and overall load capacity. Better still, they can all be driven on a standard car licence.

A final point on a tipper’s convenience is, as with any open bed truck, they can also be used to safely haul equipment, machinery and items that are fragile or unusual in shape. Find out more.

Returning Your Tipper Truck To A Different Location

one-way truck hire, plus our interstate tipper hire options, mean you don’t need to worry about returning the truck to where you picked it up. Let us know where you need to go and we can arrange pick-up and drop-off for you.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

If you rental tipper truck breaks down at any time day or night, our roadside assistance guarantee means you won’t be stranded or have your job held up for long. One of our friendly, expert service staff will be with you as soon as possible – just call 02 4633 6100.

What else do you need to know when hiring a tipper truck?

For more information on where you can drive your tipper, the insurance you’ll need, and any other requirements, check our FAQs for hiring a truck.

Sydney Truck Rental

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