Semi Trailer Hire

Has your truck broken down? Does your company need an extra truck for a big job going interstate? We offer quality trailers, Single rated and B-double rated prime movers that are accredited under the NHVAS maintenance module at competitive rates for hire in Sydney and across the country.

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Tautliner Trailers - 'A' Trailers - 'A' & 'B' Sets

Tautliner Flat Decks and Drop Decks, some with Mezz Floors (depending on model) available for immediate hire.

Open Drop Deck Trailer Hire Sydney

45' Drop Deck - Tri Axle with 3 way pins available NOW with or without gates.

Extendable & Drop Deck Trailer Hire Sydney

Available as a Flat Deck, Drop Deck and Tri Axle - Contact us for details.

40' Tri-Axle Skels & Skeleton Trailer Hire Sydney

Available with 3 way pins and suitable for Dock Work - We have drivers available for this trailer.

40/45 Ft Flat Deck & Flatbed Trailer Hire Sydney

Flat Deck Tri Axle Trailers available in 40' / 45' - Ask us for our best price.

Due to various models, dimensions may vary slightly, please call us on 02 4633 6100 for specific details

Semi Trailer Hire Information

Southern Cross Truck Rentals in Sydney offers a wide range of semi-trailers and prime movers to help move big loads from A to B.

  • Perhaps your own fleet is down a vehicle – you can replace it with us.
  • Perhaps you are moving equipment to a new location – we can get it there for you
  • Perhaps you have a large order to fill and need an extra vehicle to get it done in time –
    you’ve found your answer.

Not only do we offer flat-top trailers, tautliners and the prime movers for hire, you can even hire a
professional driver through Southern Cross Truck Rentals too.

Semi-Trailer Truck Driver Hire

Do you need a semi-trailer or prime mover to haul your cargo, but don’t have a driver with the heavy combination (HC) or multi-combination (MC) licence required? Not a problem. We have a team of professional and fully-licenced drivers on call who can help get your load from A to B.

Drive The Semi-Trailer You’re Used To

Our fleet of top-of-the-line semi-trailer trucks for hire includes prime movers from Australia’s most popular American, European and Japanese models. We have vehicles available in both automatic and manual transmissions and in configurations from day-cabs to comfortable sleeper-cabs. When you come to us, let us know what semi-trailer model and configuration you usually drive and we’ll organise a close substitute right away.

Replace Your Fleet

Do you need to replace a semi-trailer truck or drop-deck tautliner trailer due to maintenance of your regular fleet? Do you need extra wheels on the road because you have picked up a big temporary job? With Southern Cross Truck Rentals you can hire multiple semi-trailers on competitive rates for both short and long-term hire.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

It’s unlikely and it shouldn’t happen, but sometimes it does – your semi-trailer rental has a flat tire, you’ve run out of fuel or something else. Meanwhile, you still have cargo and a deadline. Good thing the 24-hour Roadside Assistance from Southern Cross Truck Rentals has you covered. Call 02 4633 6100 if you hit trouble.
Note: our roadside assistance service only covers you for use on sealed roads in NSW, QLD, ACT and Vic, plus South Australia west of Port Augusta.

FAQs For Hiring A Truck

For more information about hiring a semi-trailer, drop-deck tautliner or any of our vehicle fleet, take a look at our FAQs page.

Sydney Semi-Trailer Rental

Do you need to hire a semi-trailer in Sydney? Southern Cross Truck Rentals is your local go-to rental company for trucks both large and small. Take a look at why Sydney relies on us for truck hire today.