SCTR has entered the rental market for refrigerated rigid vehicles.

The Major food suppliers for New South Wales, including the Fresh Food markets at Flemington plus Coles and Woolworth, are increasingly using refrigerated vehicles to transport food. This growth in the market offers the opportunity for SCTR to launch a fleet of refrigerated trucks with an expectation of high utilisation.

We have undertaken market research which suggests that this market is currently under-supplied. The few suppliers renting refrigerated vehicles are able to do so at premium rates and achieve high utilisation.

Compliance and the market

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand defines food that has potential to cause illness as ‘potentially hazardous’ food. Their Guide to Food Safety Standards lists the following examples:

  • raw and cooked meat or foods containing raw or cooked meat
  • dairy products and foods containing dairy products
  • seafood (excluding live seafood) and foods containing seafood;
  • processed fruits and vegetables, for example salads and unpasteurised juices;
  • cooked rice and pasta;
  • processed foods containing eggs, beans, nuts or other protein-rich food
  • foods that contain any of the above foods, for example sandwiches and quiches

Their recommendation is that such food should be transported, via temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain food quality and prevent illness. They stipulate that a food business should reject delivery of potentially hazardous food that may not have been maintained at the suggested temperature.

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Other products which may require temperature-controlled deliveries include

  • Medical supplies
  • Art
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Flowers

The dramatic increase of home delivery groceries and associated items has seen a large increase in small, refrigerated vehicles being used across metropolitan areas.

In addition, food vendors operating at regular, or one-off fairs, markets and events must comply with Food Standards guidance. This requires them to supply the appropriate temperature-controlled equipment to ensure food is stored and served at the recommended levels.

Jason McKinnon, SCTR’s Business Development Manager confirmed “The demand on cold chain logistics is increasing. Together with this need is a level of compliance.” Discussing the switch to refrigerated transport for even short trips, “…transport companies need replacement vehicles should they have a vehicle off the road or have additional work.”

Jason added “Even stores which have cool rooms from time to time require a mobile fridge (or truck) to store goods when their cool room is being serviced or is not working. We will help wherever we can, a number of our vehicles have standby power, which means the fridge can run off a lead and the truck does not have to be left running.”

SCTR expects that demand for this vehicle category will continue to grow year on year for the foreseeable future.

SCTR Refrigerated Rental fleet

Based on the above, plus our own inquiries and customer feedback we have determined that SCTR will expand into this market. We have launched with the following fleet of refrigerated vehicles to introduce SCTR to the market as a serious consideration. The rental rates are competitive.

SCTR – Refrigerated Vehicles – daily rental rates.

Vehicle Daily Rental Rate
1 x 2 Pallet Narrow Cab Canter (515) $175
2 x 3 Pallet Canter (515) (2 vehicles) $190
1 x 6 Pallet Canter $250
1 x 8 Pallet Canter $300
1 x 12 Pallet Fuso Fighter $370

We will maintain the standards expected by our clients, with a late-model, fully-serviced, clean and reliable fleet of Refrigerated vehicles. SCTR’s Driver hire packages will be available for the extended fleet and 24 hour roadside assistance remains standard for our rentals.