Interstate Removals Fact Sheet

What do you need to know when moving interstate? This useful guide helps you to keep your move stress free without forgetting anything!
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Make a household inventory

An inventory is mainly used to calculate the size of truck you’ll need to move your furniture and belongings. But it can also be used as a guide to ensure you pack everything that you have.

Have a think about:

  • What are you taking with you?
  • What do you need to dispose of or put into storage?
  • Are you leaving anything behind?

To get an idea of the truck size you will need, use our handy Moving Truck Calculator, which you can use as an inventory to help you know exactly what size rental truck you need before requesting a quote.

Compare the cost of using a removalist with hiring a truck for a DIY move!

Insure yourself

When moving interstate the journey is often a long one, and you’ll be transporting a large quantity of your most loved possessions. Investing in moving insurance will ensure your peace of mind and help you to avoid financial stress.

Insurance will cover you in the following cases:

  • If the rental truck is involved in an accident and it is not your fault
  • If a hire driver is driving the truck and is at fault in an accident
  • If you are hiring removalists, be wary of their own policies and ‘no damage guarantees’ as making a claim is more difficult, and would be against the company themselves, making it more unlikely you would be insured as comprehensively


The key to packing up your life without feeling overwhelmed is starting early. At least two weeks before the moving day is an ideal time to begin. The first step is to find packing boxes. There are many companies who supply and deliver packing boxes and tape.

Some tips for using what you already have:

  • Use clothing, blankets, sheets, cushions and pillows as padding for more fragile items
  • Lay pillowcases and tea towels between plates, around glasses and other kitchenware
  • Pack your suitcases, boxes and bags full with items to save the number of cardboard boxes you need to purchase and the material to dispose of when you’re finished
  • Use this as a chance to declutter; don’t pack any items you don’t really want or need anymore
    Donate any items you don’t want to take with you to your local charity shop, or, if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, hold a garage sale

How to pack your electronics:

  • Wrap fragile electronics in soft items like blankets or towels
  • Label all wires and cords before disconnecting them to save you time and stress in trying to find the right one at the other end
  • Pack all cables in one box so they are easy to find when unpacking and don’t get twisted around other items; or tape the cords to the device they belong to

Don’t forget!

  • Any items that may be stored away out of site, such as in your basement or roof storage
  • Any items in a storage unit
  • Important documents held by a lawyer or accountant
  • Medical records at your dentist, doctor or hospital
  • Items you may have lent to friends that you need
  • Any equipment or clothes you have taken in for repair or dry cleaning
  • Any spare house keys left at neighbours or friends houses

Moving day

Southern Cross Truck Rentals can provide you with packing tape, ropes, blankets and other moving accessories to make moving day as easy and safe as possible.

Are you moving with a pet?

One of the most stressful parts of moving interstate is ensuring the family pet arrives happy and healthy. Animals can become particularly stressed when moving long distances because they are removed from a familiar environment.

Driving with your pets:
If you choose to drive interstate with your pet, there are some rules you need to adhere to, which vary between states. Always ensure your pet is happy and healthy by doing the following things:

  • Ensure they are either wearing a car harness, or secured in a pet cage
  • Never leave them in the car alone
  • Make sure to put their favourite bed or blanket in the car with them to minimise stress
  • Stop frequently so they can run around, drink water and go to the toilet
  • Ensure they are wearing a collar with their name and your contact details on them (mobile number not landline of your old home!)
  • For pets that are not used to being in the car, prepare them by feeding them in the car and taking them for shorter journeys in the lead-up

Flying with your pet:
To minimise the stress of moving on your dog or cat, consider flying with them to make the journey shorter. Some airlines require a passenger to fly with the pet, however there are also pet courier services you can use to send your pet unaccompanied and collect them at the other end. Sending you pet on a flight will minimise their time spent in a car, which is often uncomfortable and stressful, and can be safer than travelling a very long distance in the car.

Who needs to know that you're moving?


  • Ensure your utility provider/s know the date you are moving out
  • Provide your new address and contact details
  • Organise connection at your new address

Phone and internet

  • Like with utilities, ensure your telco provider knows the date you are leaving and when to disconnect your service
  • Organise connection at your new address


  • Australia Post can redirect your mail
  • Think about leaving a forwarding address with a neighbour you know well
  • Update any newspaper and magazine subscriptions with your new address
  • As soon as you decide to move, begin taking note of who sends you mail so you can notify them of the change of address


  • If you require over the counter banking, contact your bank to find if they have a branch close to where you are moving
  • If they don’t have local branches, find out which other banks they are linked to and which ATMs you can use without fees

Government agencies and others to notify

  • Medicare
  • Taxation office
  • Centrelink
  • Roads and traffic authority of your current and new states
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Your insurance company
  • Your financial advisor and lawyer
  • Loyalty cards and frequent flyer programs
  • Professional organisations, trade unions, alumni associations
  • Pet microchip registry
  • Superannuation fund

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