FAQs For Hiring A Truck

What you need to know when hiring a truck with SCTR.
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For individual vehicle information, please refer to our range of trucks for hire and the individual vehicle pages.

For general vehicle rental information please see our FAQs for hiring a vehicle page.

What do I need to rent a truck?

You need a valid license of the correct class (Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid), and a credit card to secure the booking.

What fuel does the truck need?

Most of our trucks take diesel fuel, whereas some of our vans and minibuses take petrol. You can see what fuel each vehicle needs on the individual vehicle pages in our range of trucks page.

What if I need a truck rental urgently after hours?

If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the night and you need a rental immediately, call us on 02 4633 6100. Our emergency truck rental service means we’re able to get a replacement vehicle to you any time of the day or night.

Can I use truck hire for a business?

Of course! Whether you need a replacement semi-trailer for one job, or a delivery van to add to your fleet for a month, we have the fleet you need.

Are the trucks manual or automatic?

We have a range of both manual and automatic trucks, mini buses and vans. Check our fleet of trucks for individual truck details.

What license class do I need to drive a truck?

Some of our smaller 2-tonne trucks you can drive with a standard car licence. Medium sized trucks, between 2 - 8 tonne, generally require a Light Rigid or Medium Rigid licence, and our large prime movers and semi trailers require a Heavy Combination licence. Look at our fleet guide for licence requirements of individual trucks.

Are there any restrictions on where I can drive the rental truck?

The vehicles are covered for driving throughout the Australian mainland, however vehicle’s taken off road, over water or above the snow line do so at the renter’s risk.

Can I book a truck if I can’t drive it?

We understand that you might need a large truck even if you don’t have the licence to drive it. That’s why we have a driver hire service available. Just let us know you need a driver when booking and we’ll arrange it for you.

Can I book a driver for my truck or bus hire?

Yes. Just let us know your requirements when you’re booking and we’ll arrange a fully qualified driver to do the heavy work for you. To ensure you have full control and get the best value for your money, you can choose to pay the driver by the hour or by the project.

Can I choose the model of truck I want?

If you need a replacement truck while yours is being serviced or repaired, comfort and familiarity is important. That’s why our fleet reflects the most popular trucks on the road. When making your reservation, just let us know what you usually drive and we’ll aim to provide an exact or similar replacement vehicle. To see our range of trucks, take a look at our fleet guide.

Can I book a one way truck rental to another city?

Yes. Unlike many other truck rental companies, we offer competitively priced, one-way and interstate rentals. If you need a truck one way only, we’ll arrange pickup and drop-off at each end.

What do I need to know about moving interstate?

Everything you need to know about moving interstate can be found in our handy Interstate Removals Fact Sheet.

How can I compare the cost of hiring a removalist with a rental truck?

Take a look at our handy price comparison, so you can ensure you're getting the best deal for your money. See our truck rental specials for the latest deals.

Do I need special insurance for a truck rental?

No. The vehicle is insured with us. You can reduce the excess by paying $30 + GST per day or take out your own insurance.

Do I have to stop at a weight station in the rental truck?

All vehicles over 2-tonne payload must stop at the RMS Heavy Vehicle Stations.

Are there any special road rules for driving a truck?

There are a few things to remember when driving your truck rental.

  1. All trucks 2-tonne payload or over need to stop at the RMS Heavy Vehicle Stations when passing them.
  2. Drivers of Heavy Rigid (HR) licence class driving trucks 8-tonne payload or over must carry and fill in logbooks when driving the rental truck.
  3. As with any truck or ute, all loads must be secure.

How do I know what size truck I need?

To work out the size truck you need to move house or for your business operations, use our handy Volume Calculator. Simply put in the number of items you have and it'll automatically calculate for you. You can then take a look at our range of trucks for hire to find the right size truck for you.

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